What is your Hit Ratio of an Slot Game?

Slot machines are among the most played casino game currently playing across the globe. Many believe that winning on the machines is entirely dependent on luck, whereas others seek out numerous methods and tips in order to win these game, or locate a match which will likely bring in more cash – try Bonanza Megaways.

A very frequently used elements that players seek is hit rate , or hit frequency. Let’s look at what the value for hit rate is and how to locate it.

What is The Hit Rate of a Slot Machine

Hit frequency is the amount of times that the slot will end upon a winning combination. That means that if a slot has a hit frequency of 25 percent, it is likely to provide one winning combination out of four spins. The percentage of winnings can differ between slots. A slot may have the hit rate at 30%, while another one could have its value clocked at 50 percent.

One thing you must be aware of is that the hit frequency will not always boost your profits. This is also dependent on RTP as well as Volatility and on the amount you place in your bets. The combination of RTP along with volatility, hit frequency and variance could provide you with enough information to consider when choosing the slot machine.

How to Find the Hit Rate of a Slot Machine?

Hit frequency is usually the best method of analyzing the slot machine. But, it can be difficult to determine the exact frequency of the hit of a machine. The hit rate or frequency is not made public by the software makers Instead, it’s only shared with casinos that are online. There are only a handful of casinos that have made this information available. In other casinos that do not, the rate of hit of the slot machine is nearly impossible to determine and analyse. Additionally it is impossible to confirm the frequency of hits provided by casinos online.

Furthermore, you require hundreds of bets in order to calculate the hit frequency by hand. It is therefore impossible to determine the frequency of hits with just one or two spins.

Does Hit Rate Affect Your Wins?

The answer is simple: that hit rate and frequency can affect the winnings you get on a slot machine. But, it can be extremely difficult to grasp how to evaluate the success of an online slot machine. Since even if the amount that casinos offer online is the average hit frequency for every symbol used within the slot.

For example, a slot includes two symbols, the one with the highest pay-out and the one with the lowest. It would be reasonable to assume that the odds of hitting the two symbols that make up an winning combination is similar. However, this isn’t the case. Software developers typically reduce the frequency of hits for more lucrative characters. They also an increase in the value of low-paying symbols. The most lucrative symbol typically has a chance of 12/1. However, a low-paying symbol will have its probability of winning raised to 3/1. Thus when you look at the probability of hitting you cannot tell what the machine will pay.


Hit frequency is a crucial factor and is among the primary elements of information that will provide you with lots of details about the potential profit of a machine. It’s not easy to locate or even discover it, there’s no way to verify the value you find. Additionally, the value you receive will always be the average of all symbols, and not necessarily the most profitable symbols, which means there’s no way to determine the value of a hit rate when evaluating the worth of a machine.


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