Mobile Phones With Large Memory Deals

Out of the many cameras that are available on the market today, the vivo V17 Pro comes in a new generation. It gives a great look and sound to your pictures. It features a spacious six.1” screen, a great looking digital camera and other nice features like a self-cleaning sensor and a timer. It is also a lot lighter and thinner than its predecessors, making it easier to carry and less cumbersome to use. Buy this camera now!

This is one of the newest and greatest digital cameras available on the market today. It features a full QWERTY keyboard which makes it a pleasure to use. You can also increase the size of the LCD by popping an additional battery in place. This camera is all about convenience and ease of use.

The vivo v 17 pro has a very modern design. The body is a metallic black with a textured surface, giving it a sleek look. At the top of the camera you will find a capacitive touch sensitive layer which makes it easy to use. Above this is a bright 6.1” LCD screen with clear viewing. To the sides of the camera there is a very good quality rubberized carrying case. There is a compartment for the memory card and a compartment for the battery.

The two major features of this smartphone are the digital camera and the Super AMoled fingerprint sensor. It comes with a built in memory card which will support the vivo v17 pro expansion of the Android platform. The vivo v 17 pro comes with either a single or double SIM card slot which will support the installation of two active SIM cards, meaning you can have four people on the phone at once. The HTC Wildfire browser is preloaded onto this smartphone allowing you to surf the web with ease.

The physical design of the phone is its best feature and the reason why this smartphone is one of the most sought after phones in the market today. There is a soft home button on the top which acts as your fingerprint scanner which accesses the user interface by touch. To the right of this button is the capacitive multi-touch display which is used for making notes, browsing the web and taking pictures. This is the main reason why the vivo v 17 pro comes with a huge internal memory which stores all the vital information and apps that you have installed on your phone. The 2.4-inch Super AMOLED display offers high definition images at clear and crisp details.

The two other great features of this smartphone are the HD video recorder and the mass storage variants which come in the mid and low end versions. The built-in HD video recorder allows you to shoot and save high quality videos with the help of a micro SD card. The two other memory variants which are available in the vivo v 17 pro consist of either 32 or 64GB Classique and the premium version which has a mass storage capacity of either SIM card alone (for some people) or with the help of microSD. To find out more about the vivo v 17 pro and to buy it from any of the online mobile stores, click here now.


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